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I am Aquanda Cummings, author of the inspirational book, Struggle has its Strengths.  As women, our emotional health takes the hardest hit when tragedy and setback invades our lives. The biggest reason is because we live in a society that deems everyone mentally and emotionally invincible. This is not only untrue, its unhealthy and as a result we neglect our mental and emotional needs.  We have brainwashed ourselves to believe that emotional wounds heal over time and this point of view is the sole reason many of us don't live in peace, happiness, and on purpose. 

Encouraging Women to Win






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We assist women and their families achieve personal, professional, and practical goals.  Whether you need financial assistance or someone to talk to we are here to serve you.    Assistance includes(but not limited to):

  • Emotional Health
  • Financial Relief
  • Resumes
  • Job Search
  • Difficult Decisions
  • Prayer

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